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Disposal of used timber

WPA members are mindful of the need to complete the cycle of their extremely environmentally friendly product by providing options for the disposal of used timber.  Some of the timber that is presented for disposal has been treated with products that increase durability, whist others will be contaminated with paint and metal fittings and potentially other contaminants.  The ability to safely dispose of this material is of importance and WPA is working with a number of agencies in an attempt to find the best method of disposal.  Currently, it is considered that the use of closed incineration is likely to provide the best results in a process that utilises the heat generated from the disposal of the wood waste as a biofuel, but retains any contaminants that may be attached to or contained within the timber.  This work is ongoing with the Ministry for the Environment and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

  • The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has a progamme that offers grants to encourage forest industries to use their wood-waste as energy generation for themselves or to sell on to others.



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