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  • The Wood Processors Association letter (25 August 2008) to Jeanette Fitzsimons Co-Leader of the Green Party, in response to the Party's media release on 21 August where they put pressure on the government by saying they may not support the emissions trading scheme.

  • Assuming the New Zealand Government continues as part of the Kyoto Protocol, a new Kyoto arrangement must be assigned for 2012. WPA is working with agencies negotiating for Kyoto 2 to ensure that wood is not treated as it currently is whereby it is assumed that all of the stored carbon is released at harvest, which is clearly not accurate.

  • Wood Processors Association Response to: The Consultation document Regarding the Development of Industrial Allocation Regulations under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (February 2010)

  • As a result of the New Zealand Government’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, the Emissions’ Trading Scheme (ETS) has been proposed in order to fund the New Zealand liability.



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