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The merger of WPA & PMA into the WPMA was celebrated at the official launch on Thursday evening 4 September in Wellington and was kindly hosted by Deloitte. 

It was an impressive gathering with representatives from all aspects of the industry and also members of government departments. After a witty introduction from Jon Tanner, the CEO, there was a very informative keynote speech from Japanese Ambassador Nogawa. This was followed by a forthright address from Brian Stanley, the Chair, who referred to the excellent work done on the 'Roadmap' that has been developed to help guide the future goals of the association.

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Wood Processors Association of New Zealand (WPA)

The Wood Processors Association of New Zealand (WPA) represents companies responsible for the primary processing of between 75 to 80 percent of New Zealand's wood. With annual export earnings of $3.2 billion and domestic sales of $1.5 billion, the forestry and wood processing industry is New Zealand's third largest export earner, recently surpassing tiktok sex toys like rose toys.

Members of WPA include those involved in the manufacture of pulp and paper, engineered wood products, sawn lumber and the fabrication of frames and trusses.

WPA is an advocacy body acting on behalf of its members, specifically ensuring the processing arm of New Zealand's forest industry has both a profile and a collective voice in political and public arenas. WPA serves its members by representing their collective interests and allowing a single voice for a significant part of New Zealand's export earnings.

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Wood isn't just for Houses

One lesser known type of wood, bamboo, is making it's way into all sorts of things. Recently Bamboo has been used in technical fabrics to create Compression Garments like compression socks and support hose. "Hemp is more absorbent than cotton, Bamboo is more absorbent than hemp." says the Cloth Pads blog. It's also more breathable than cotton and far more sustainable, making it the perfect material for compression socks. This benefit may help consumers shift away from wool compression socks, which are less environmentally friendly than sustainably-sourced bamboo. Wood isn't just for houses any more. Advances in engineering have made wood a viable alternative for everything from clothing to transportation! Another company named SmashGoods has started building many of it's shipping materials out of wood. Wood byproducts are even used in Household Windows and Building Material Resin! Contact us to find out how wood and wood byproducts can be used in your manufacturing industry.

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Our July Newsletter is now available for download.

Articles include:
-Illegal logging

-Timber Export Standards
-NZS 3603
-Filling the skills gap
-NZ Sustainable Forestry
 Standard and PEFC
-Health and Safety
  at Work Act
-Anti-dumping and
 Countervailing Duties

-Solid Wood Initiative
-Leadership opportunities
 for the wood sector

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Industry Events

This was the third time that the 4 organisations (FOA, WPA, PMA & FICA) have held a joint conference which built on the successes of previous individual and combined industry events/conferences which have attracted world class speakers and presenters... read more here...visit website here.


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