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There are in excess of 50 standards that have a direct impact on timber and wood-based products used both within New Zealand and internationally. A number of the standards require a review and a team within the industry has been established to review standards in conjunction with Standards New Zealand and the Department of Building and Housing.

Standards are a significant part of the New Zealand landscape, particularly within the building and construction sectors. There are numerous standards that impact on the production of timber but also how timber can interact with other building materials, and fittings and fixtures.

Rather than undertaking piecemeal changes for individual standards, WPA initiated a major review of the standards involved in the timber and timber-based sectors and is seeking to put a joint bid to Government, in conjunction with other agencies such as DBH and Standards New Zealand, to have this activity funded by the Government.

Additionally, WPA has been active in working with DBH to put forward its views on the review of the Building Code, particularly to maximise the use of timber and timber-based products.

WPA members have funded a review of the joint Australia New Zealand Standard ASNZS 1748 that will, if successful, allow the use of sonically tested structural timber into the Australian market.

WPA chairs the Standards New Zealand Timber Industry Advisory Committee, which is a joint committee that investigates the relationship between the industry and Standards New Zealand, recommending changes that are required to standards and identifying aspects of the industry that may require standards in the future. As a result of its involvement in the Timber Industry Advisory Committee, WPA is a member of the Building Sector Board, another joint committee between the Ministry of Economic Development and Standards New Zealand.

Click on the link to see WPA's recent response to the proposed National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil.

Click on the link to see WPA's recent response to the NZS3604 Review.

Click on the link to see WPA's recent response to the Ministerial Review of PM10 Regulations in the Air Quality Standards.

Click here to visit the Standards New Zealand website


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