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WPMA legally came into existence on 1 July. Our new Board of Brian Stanley, Tom Boon, Owen Griffiths, Charles Black, Tim Rigter, Mark Taylor, Doug Ducker, Paul Jordan and Jon Ryder met for the inaugural Board meeting on 24 June. Brian Stanley and Tom Boon were unanimously voted Chair and Deputy Chair respectively for a two-year term. 

The WPMA Executive Office is staffed by Jeanette Sutherland, Debbie Fergie and me. Jeanette is WPMA’s company secretary and Debbie is focussing on promotions, events and sponsorship. We will soon be joined by a Technical Manager who will be taking on the ever-growing task of standards, certification and assurances.

Whilst the staffing number hasn’t grown, our coverage now spans the whole value chain post-forest gate. The Board believes that there are great opportunities with this link-up to develop more cooperative and collegial relationships along the supply chain with links extending into forest-growing. WPMA currently has a group working on strategy that aims to create the environment for these new relationships to flourish.

From what I have seen so far of the renewed Board make-up and this strategic work the WPMA is in very good hands and has got off to a roaring start!

Jon Tanner





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